Resources and hotlines

Self-help groups and treatment locator for substance use issues

For families and friends of alcoholics

Alcoholics Anonymous
For those who want to stop drinking
877 -9 DIALAA

For families and friends of drug abusers
800 -477 -6291

Narcotics Anonymous
For those who want to stop using drugs
818-773-9999  x771

​Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration
Mental health/Drug and alcohol treatment locator


Internet Resources for learning differences and mental health issues
ADHD tips, resources, and
ADHD information/support for kids and adults

Anxiety and Depression Association of America
240-485-1001  (for information and referrals)

National Autism Society
800-3AUTISM (for information and referrals)

National ADHD Association
301-306-7070 (for information and referrals)

Learning Disabilities Association of America
412- 341-1515  (for information and referrals)

National Institute of Mental Health
Information and research about a wide variety of mental health topics

Information and resources for eating disorders

Suicide Prevention Hotline
800- 273 -8255
Hotline available 24/7 365 days/year