Selected Book Recommendations


ADHD: A Complete and Authoritative Guide (American Academy of Pediatrics) – Michael I. Reiff and Sherrill Tippins

Driven To Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood through Adulthood – Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey

Organizing Solutions for People With Attention Deficit Disorder: Tips and Tools to Help You Take Charge of Your Life and Get Organized -Susan C Pinsky

Putting on the Brakes: Young People’s Guide to Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – Patricia O. Quinn and Judith M. Stern

Taking Charge of ADHD, Revised Edition: The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents – Russell A. Barkley

Taking Charge of Adult ADHD -Russell A. Barkley

Teenagers with ADD and ADHD: A Guide for Parents and Professionals – Chris A. Zeigler Dendy

The ADHD Effect on Marriage- Melissa Orlov and Edward M. Hallowell

The Adult ADHD Tool Kit: Using CBT to Facilitate Coping Inside and Out – J. Russell Ramsay and Anthony L. Rostain

The Disorganized Mind: Coaching Your ADHD Brain to Take Control of Your Time, Tasks, and Talents – Nancy A. Ratey

Understanding Girls with ADHD, Updated and Revised: How They Feel and Why They Do What They Do – Kathleen Nadeau and Ellen Littman

You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!: The Classic Self-Help Book for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder – Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo

Anxiety and OCD

Coping with Anxiety: 10 Simple Ways to Relieve Anxiety, Fear, and Worry – Edmund J. Bourne, Ph.D.

Free Your Child from OCD – Tamar E. Chansky

Freeing Yourself from Anxiety: The 4-Step Plan to Overcome Worry and Create the Life You Want– Tamar E. Chansky

The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook – Edmund J. Bourne, Ph.D.

The OCD Workbook: Your Guide to Breaking Free from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – Bruce M. Hyman, Ph.D.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Asperger Syndrome and Difficult Moments: Practical Solutions for Tantrums, Rage and Meltdowns – Brenda Smith Myles and Jack Southwick

No More Meltdowns: Positive Strategies for Managing and Preventing Out-of-Control Behavior- Jed Baker, Ph.D.

Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew: Updated and Expanded Edition – Ellen Notbohm and Veronica Zysk

The OASIS Guide to Asperger Syndrome: Completely Revised and Updated-Patricia Romanowski Bashe, Barbara L. Kirby, and Tony Attwood

Behavioral Issues in Children
Don’t Be Taken Hostage: A Workbook to Help You Survive Your Adolescent – John Jensen

The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children – Ross W. Greene

Your Defiant Child: Eight Steps to Better Behavior – Russell A. Barkley and Christine M. Benton


How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends: Revised And Updated – Don Gabor

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk – Adele Faber

Messages: The Communication Skills Book – Matthew Mc Kay, Martha Davis, and Patrick Fanning

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts – Gary Chapman

Depression and Bipolar Disorder

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness – Kay Redfield Jamison

Beyond the Blues: A Workbook to Help Teens Overcome Depression – Lisa M. Schwab

Breaking the Patterns of Depression –Michael Yapko

Darkness Visible – William Styrom

Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy – David D. Burns, MD

Helping Your Depressed Teenager: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers – Gerald D. Oster and Sarah S. Montgomery

I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression –Terrence Real

More than Moody: Recognizing and Treating Adolescent Depression – Harold Koplewicz, MD

Overcoming Teen Depression: A Guide for Parents – Miriam Kaufman

Shades of Blue: Writers on Depression, Suicide, and Feeling Blue –Amy Ferris (Ed.)

The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide: What You and Your Family Need to Know – David J. Miklowitz

The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression: A Step-by-Step Program – William J. Knaus,EdD and Albert Ellis,PhD

The Depression Workbook: A Guide for Living with Depression and Manic Depression – Mary Ellen Copeland

When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens – Bev Cobain

Eating Disorders

Breaking Free from Emotional Eating – Geneen Roth

Help Your Teenager Beat an ED – James Lock, MD, Ph.D. and Daniel Le Grange, Ph.D.

Surviving an Eating Disorder – Michelle Siegel, Ph.D., Judith Brisman, Ph.D., and Margot Weinshe

The Eating Disorder Sourcebook: A Comprehensive Guide to the Causes, Treatments, and Prevention of Eating Disorders – Carolyn Costin

The Secret Language of Eating Disorders: How You Can Understand and Work to Cure Anorexia and Bulimia – Peggy Claude-Pierre


A Broken Heart Still Beats: After Your Child Dies- Anne McCracken and Mary Semel

How to Survive the Loss of a Love – Peter McWilliams and Harold H. Bloomfield

I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye – Brook Noel and Pamela Blair

Straight Talk about Death for Teenagers: How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love – Earl A. Grollman

Understanding Your Grief: Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart – Alan D. Wolfelt

When a Friend Dies: A Book for Teens about Grieving & Healing – Marilyn E. Gootman and Deborah Prothrow-Stith

Learning Differences

A Mind at a Time – Mel Levine

All Kinds of Minds: A Young Student’s Book about Learning Abilities and Learning Disorders – Mel Levine

Learning Outside The Lines: Two Ivy League Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD Give You the Tools – Jonathan Mooney and David Cole

Overcoming Dyslexia: A New and Complete Science-Based Program for Reading Problems at Any Level – Sally Shaywitz M.D.

Parenting Issues

Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself – Melody Beattie

Giving the Love That Heals: A Guide for Parents – Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt

Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls – Mary Pipher

Strong Mothers, Strong Sons: Lessons Mothers Need to Raise Extraordinary Men – Meg Meeker, MD

The Conscious Parent – Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Parenting Teens

Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain – Daniel J. Siegel, MD

Get Out of My Life, but First Could You Drive Me & Cheryl to the Mall: A Parent’s Guide to the New Teenager – Anthony E. Wolf

Parents, Teens, and Boundaries: How to Draw the Line – Jane Bluestein, Ph.D.

Staying Connected to Your Teenager: How to Keep Them Talking to You and How to Hear What they’re Really Saying – Michael Riera

Stop Negotiating with Your Teen: Strategies for Parenting Your Angry, Manipulative, Moody, or Depressed Adolescent – Janet Sasson Edgette


A Bright Red Scream: Self-Mutilation and the Language of Pain – Marilee Strong

Cutting: Understanding and Overcoming Self-Mutilation – Steven Levenkron

Helping Teens Who Cut: Understanding and Ending Self-Injury – Michael Hollander PhD

When Your Child Is Cutting: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Children Overcome Self-injury – Merry E. Mc Vey-Noble, Ph.D., Sony Khemlani-Patel, Ph.D., and Fugen Neziroglu

Women Who Hurt Themselves: A Book Of Hope And Understanding – Dusty Miller


Beyond Acceptance: Parents of Lesbians & Gays Talk About Their Experiences – Carolyn W. Griffin

GLBTQ: The Survival Guide for Queer and Questioning Teens – Kelly Huegel

Raising Your Sexual Self-Esteem – Beverly Engel

The Full Spectrum: A New Generation of Writing About Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Other Identities –David Levithan and Billy Merrell

Transgender 101: A Simple Guide to a Complex Issue – Nicholas M Teich

Understanding Asexuality – Anthony F. Bogaert

Substance Abuse

Helping Your Chemically Dependent Teenager Recover: A Guide for Parents and Other Concerned Adults – Peter R. Cohen

Living Sober – Anonymous

Rational Recovery: The New Cure for Substance Addiction – Jack Trimpey

Recovering Our Children: A Handbook for Parents of Young People in Early Recovery – John C Cates and Jennifer Cummings

Recovery Options: The Complete Guide – Joseph Volpicelli and Maia Szalavitz

Relapse Prevention Counseling Workbook: Managing High-Risk Situations -Terence T. Gorski

SMART Recovery 3rd Edition Handbook Workbook– -Rosemary Hardin (Editor) and Dr. William Abbott

Substance Abuse in Adolescents and Young Adults: A Guide to Treatment – Joseph Nowinski

The Thinking Person’s Guide to Sobriety – Bert Pluymen

Trauma and Recovery

8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery: Take-Charge Strategies to Empower Your Healing – Babette Rothschild

Abused Boys: The Neglected Victims of Sexual Abuse – Mic Hunter

Getting Through the Day – Help for Adults Who Were Hurt as Children – Nancy Napier

Overcoming Trauma and PTSD: A Workbook Integrating Skills from ACT, DBT, and CBT – Sheela Raja and Susan M. Orsillo

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma – Bessel van der Kolk

The Me Nobody Knows: A Guide for Teen Survivors – Barbara Bean and Shari Bennett

Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence-from Domestic Abuse to Political Terror – Judith Herman

Trauma Essentials: The Go-To Guide – Babette Rothschild

Victims No Longer: The Classic Guide for Men Recovering from Sexual Child Abuse – Mike Lew

Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma – Peter A. Levine